A Taos Pueblo-led conference on tribal well-being


Healing of Hearts was a series of two conferences (so far) led by Youth Heartline in partnership with Taos Pueblo Division of Health and Community Services, Tiwa Babies, and Tewa Women United.

The genesis of the conference grew out of a desire by Youth Heartline staff and volunteers to receive training in order to better understand the needs of Native American children and families to better provide services to them.  Through outreach, relationship building, and stakeholder development, that initial training opportunity became a full-fledged conference.  Our first conference featured Dr. Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart and Dr. Josie Chase, presenting on intergenerational trauma and historical grief.  Our second conference featured Albert Pooley, presenting on Native American Sacred Fatherhood, and Project Peace Train.

Healing of Hearts came before the SPIRIT approach was developed but carries the seed for many of SPIRIT's approaches, most notably community-led processes and community-as-expert perspectives.

Watch a multi-media presentation created for the Second Healing of Hearts conference featuring the words and remembrances of Taos Pueblo fathers and fatherhood.